Harry's Hots

mobile food cart

co-founders Kathy and George with website administrator Joshua

Founded in September of 2013, Harry's Hots is Brighton, Ontario's only Hot Dog Cart. What does that mean to us? It means that we're going to work really hard to keep it that way. We're not in this just for the money. We're in it for our customers! (Almost) Anyone can cook a hot dog, but that hot dog won't mean anything if the people grilling them aren't passionate about what they're doing! Our main cook, George, well.. he's a bit of a perfectionist. So, our promise to you is that if your hot dog or sausage isn't grilled to your idea of perfect - we'll do it again.  Now, let's not forget about Kathy. She's the one smiling behind the cash drawer. She's not smiling because she made money though. She's smiling because your money in her hands means you left happy. That's what's truly important to us. 


We have our:

 TSSA Certificate (2018)

 Health and Safety Certificate (2018) / Food Handlers Certificate (2015)

  Fire Inspection (2018)

Insurance Policy